Love Poems for Wife Birthday | 50+ Special Poems for Your Wife Birthday

Love Poems for Wife Birthday

Birthday is a pleasant moment for everyone’s life. But it becomes more precious when birthday of wife arrives . It becomes more gorgeous when wife does not know about her birthday but her husband reminds her suddenly. She will surprised a lot. At B-Day , every husband want to make that day beautiful and memorable . So for this, follow our these love poem for birthday wife.

At Night, when the cake cutting ceremony arrives, the husband speaks many love poem for
birthday wife. Due to this, the love increases between the couple and all the friends of wife and husband smiles and enjoy the party. If you want to make your party marvelous then I suggest to everyone’s husband that they use our these love poem for birthday wife in her B-Party.

Love Poems for Wife birthday

                                                  To my dearest wife…

Today will be unique
In every way
As the mood will be light
Keeping troubles at bay

It will be great to see you
Smiling from ear to ear
With the entire family
Along with those near and dear

This is how we want
Each year for you to be
Days that are filled
With love, happiness and prosperity

Happy birthday..

Happy birthday wife

Every husband has a dream to give a surprise to his wife by saying happy birthday wife. So for this, you will find lovely and beautiful love poems for wife birthday.
This will create love among you. These three words “Happy Birthday Wife” are the golden words to show your love for wife. And I hope so this love will remain to continue throughout the whole year.

Time just flies
Time just flies in your company,
Life just seems so good
May our bond stay this way forever!
It’s a touch wood,
Coz you are my life,
My pretty wife!
Wish you a loving birthday!

Love poems for wife birthday

Wife’s birthday is a very unique day for her life. Both wife and husband left their all works at a side and focus on their B-Day. They enjoy with each other. Husband speaks a lot of love poems for wife birthday. When the wife listens to these all lovely poems, his love increases more and more. The increase of this love is all due to our love poems for wife birthday.

All the precious memories

That I have made until now

All the moments of my life

Which have made me go wow

The instances when I had

The best time of my life

I owe them only to one person

To you… my dearest wife

Happy birthday

Not many people

Have things to flaunt

Few people in this world

Always get what they want

But I am an exception

To this rule of life

All my wishes were granted

When you became my wife

Happy birthday

Absolutely love poems for wife birthday

If any husband wants to see the happiest face of his wife on his B-Day then follow our these absolutely love poems for wife birthday. By this, the couple will always remain happy and they will enjoy the whole life with love and dignity. Absolutely love poems for wife birthday are the greatest poems ever.

Heaven is about tasting,
the berry of your lips.
Heaven is about sleeping,
grinding our hips.
Heaven is about loving you,
all day and night.
Heaven is about cuddling
with you tight.
Heaven is about being married
to you, all my life.
And I am wishing you,
a very happy birthday my wife.



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