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Latest Friendship Poems for Besties

Here is a collection of many latest friendship poems. Life is very boring without friends. If you want to make someone your friend, then you can do it by following our latest friendship poems. Whenever someone read our friendship poems then definitely a feeling will be created in him/her that we must have a friend. I think that can only be possible by friendship poems.

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Latest friendship poems

You Were There

when tears fell from my eyes
you were there to brush them away
when I was lost in confusion
you were there to say that everything would be okay
when I stood before you falling apart
you were there to lend your heart
when I felt like no one could understand
you were there to take my hand
when no one else was left to care
you were there

dedicated to: my best friend

Will You Ever?

I don’t think you will
Ever fully understand
How you’ve touched my life
And made me who I am.

I don’t think you could ever know
Just how truly special you are,
That even on the darkest nights
You are my brightest star.

You’ve allowed me to experience
Something very hard to find,
Unconditional love that exists
In my body, soul, and mind.

I don’t think you could ever feel
All the love I have to give,
And I’m sure you’ll never realize
You’ve been my will to live.

You are an amazing person,
And without you I don’t know where I’d be.
Having you in my life
Completes and fulfills every part of me.

A Friend Can Save A Life

That girl’s heart aches,
Her smile is fake.
The cuts sting,
Her phone rings.
She ignores
And thinks life’s a bore.
But she doesn’t know
There are people who care.
She doesn’t know
That they’ve always been there.
She’s tired of being joked at school,
She’s tired of being called a fool.
She’s ready to pull out the knife,
Ready to end her life.
There she sits alone crying,
Wondering about if she were dying.
“Would they even notice I was gone?”
“Or would they just carry on?”
As she lures the knife,
She hears a strange sound.
She hides the blade,
As her heart pounds.
She walks out the door,
There’s her best friend,
Trying to get in.
As her friend cried, she heard her say,
“Thank God you’re okay!”

Beautiful Latest Friendship Poems

Best Friend

You are my best friend; you belong in my heart.
We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.
I know you as a sister, and I will always care.
Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.

I know you as a person; I especially know you as a friend.
Our friendship is something that will never end.
Right now, this second, this minute, this day,
Our sisterhood is here, is here to stay.

My friendship with you is special and true.
When we are together, we stick like glue.
When I’m in the darkness that needs some light,
When you’re by my side, I know things are all right.

Our friendship is so strong; it breaks down bars.
Our friendship is also bright, like the sun and the stars.
If we were in a competition for friendships, we would get a gold,
Because responsibility and cleverness are the keys we hold.

I met you as a stranger, took you as a friend.
I hope our long friendship will never end.
Our friendship is like a magnet; it pulls us together,
Because no matter where we are, our friendship will last forever!

A Friend

A friend like you is hard to find,
one that touches you deep inside.
You’ve given me strength to carry on,
you’ve offered your hand to hold on.
When times are tough, I know you’re there
to offer support and show you care.
If not for you, I would have drowned,
but you help keep me on solid ground.
I believe you were sent from the man above
because he knows the strength of your love.
You show that love in so many ways.
It helps me get through my darkest of days.
So for that, I write this poem for you
and tell you from my heart, THANK YOU!

Our Friendship

I met you as a stranger, then took you as my friend.
Our friendship is something that will never end.
When I was in darkness that needed some light,
You came to me and hugged me tight.

You took my hands and dried my tears.
You woke me up to end my fears.
You took my hand and made me see
That God has a special plan for me.

You helped me laugh
When I was sad.
You made me tough
When I felt bad.

Our friendship made me see the light.
Our friendship showed to me what was right.
I hope our friendship will never bend.
I hope our friendship will never end.


I still remember the first day we met.
We were too shy to say much at all.
It’s funny to think back to that time,
Because now we’re having a ball!

They say that true friendship is rare,
An adage that I believe to be true.
Genuine friendship is something that I cherish.
I am so lucky to have met you.

Our bond is extremely special.
It is unique in its own way.
We have something irreplaceable.
I love you more and more each day.

We’ve been through so much together.
In so little time we’ve shared ,
I will never forget all the moments
That you’ve shown me how much you cared.

Friends are forever,
Especially the bond that you and I possess.
I love your fun-filled personality.
Somehow you never fail to impress.

The world could use more people like you.
It would certainly be a better place.
I love everything about you.
You are someone I could never replace.

You are always there for me
When my spirits need a little lift.
I cannot thank you enough for that.
You are truly an extraordinary gift.

You are everything to me and more.
I could never express that enough.
Life is such a treacherous journey, and
Without you it would be even more tough.

Our story will continue to grow
With each passing day,
Because I trust that with you by my side,
Everything will always be okay.

You are so dear to me.
You know I will love you until the end.
I will always be there for you, and
You will always (and forever) be my best friend.

Very Cute Latest Friendship Poems

Here For You

The past you cannot forget or undo,
The future is all we can look forward to.

I wish I could have been there by your side…
For all the times you’ve wept and cried.

Know from my heart, what I say is true…
That I hurt for the pain you have been through.

Never alone shall you be,
Someday, freedom you will see

May your hopes and dreams come true,
No matter where you are, I’ll always be here for you.

A Friendship Left Not Forbidden

When you’re lost in the eternity of sorrow
And despair flows in every vessel within you
There’s always a comrade, like a hero
Who lightens and settles your life to glow.

When you’re carrying an aching burden
And the purpose of your life’s left hidden
There’s always an angel from the heavens
Who breaks the rules which are forbidden
And saves you from the tomb of desperation.

A comrade, a hero, an angel…
Whatever you call him, he’s a friend
Who listens, who comforts, who understands
And who’s worthy to be one of a kind.

Love & Friendship

You’re the one I most admire, with great intentions and loving desires.
Passion and trust and knowing that you care, brings a lifetime of
Happiness for us to share…
Being so gentle, understanding, and kind, brings comfort, faith, and a
Joy that shines.
Tears and laughter are fellings that’s rare, but a true heart shall
Never dispare…
Love is unique in it’s very own way, taking risks, and challenges
Day by day.
But when a heart is made of gold, there is so much to share. Like joy,
Laughter, and a friendship that’s there…
So I give you my heart as a token of love, from one friend to another,
And the heaven’s above.
So take my heart and cherish it too, cause there is no us without

A Friend Like You

A friend like you is hard to find,
And that you’re here still blows my mind.
You’re kind and caring, funny and smart.
By just being you, you’ve stolen my heart.

From the first time we met,
Until here where we stand,
You’ve made my life perfect,
You’ve made my life grand.

You encourage me
When I am down.
You make me smile
When I frown.

You make me laugh
When I want to cry.
You make me happy
When you don’t even try.

You love the Lord.
‘Tis rare but true.
I’m blessed beyond measure
To have a friend like you.

Yes, a friend like you
Is hard to find,
And I can’t hardly believe
That you chose to be mine.

Bestest Best Friend Forever And Always

You are there when I need you
You always have my back
You uplift me when I’m sad
You always make me smile
You cry when I cry
You smile when I smile
You laugh when I laugh
You never judge me
You always keep my secrets
You brighten up my day
You always show you love me
You are my sister from another mister
You are awesomely fantastical
Who am I talking about?
You, because you are my BBFFAA
(Bestest Best Friend Forever And Always)


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